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Your Baby’s First Year

A day by day guide
  • Author
    • Louenna Hood
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Anticipated publication date

May 09, 2024

We will deliver the product within a reasonable period of time following the publication date, which is an estimated date and is subject to change. Whilst we anticipate that the book will be published on this date, should this date change, we will notify you within a reasonable period of time.

This is a parenting handbook that offers tips, facts and advice for every day of baby's first year - one page of advice, tips and help per day. With short snippets of information and guidance, this is the perfect book for sleep-deprived parents to dip in and out of as they embark on the first year of their child's life. Each daily entry will include all or some of the following:

Baby Fact - learn what's happening to your baby today
Eyes Open - movements, sounds, physical developments to look out for
Daily Win - small but high-five-worthy achievements to keep life on track, anything from going for a walk around the block, making a meal, meeting a friend, putting a wash on or finishing a cup of tea while it's still hot!
Date for the Diary - from all day long newborn cuddles to knowing when and how to start introducing all-important tummy time into your baby's daily routine. Learn activities to bond with your baby plus important milestones such as immunisations, midwife visits etc.
Food for Thought - from feeding mama to tasty weaning ideas
Everyday Tick Box - baby and parent daily goals (completion optional!), including a cuddle with your baby, a big smile for them, pelvic floor exercise, some fresh air, nappy-free time, five deep breaths, gratitude thought, five glasses of water...

The book will also feature expanded sections under the heading A Note From Me to You, On...' detailing topics such as tiredness and night feeds, sleep cycles and mindfulness. Routines for parents will also be included, which will be introduced at different stages of the year.
  • Published: May 09 2024
  • Pages: 400
  • ISBN: 9781035409655
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