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Watch Her Run

mother-daughter team track a killer in this exhilarating new series
  • Author
    • Paula Lennon
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She's never been so far from home. And never so close to a killer.

Private investigator Olivia Knightley has finally pressed pause on her busy schedule and regained some work-life balance - for the next three weeks. The ink on her divorce papers is barely dry, so she promises to take her sixteen-year-old daughter Amy travelling across the US. But no sooner than they arrive at a campground populated with other 'van lifers' and nomads, they discover a violent murder scene that shakes the community.

Enter special agent Jack Tyler, head of the Investigative Services Branch - known to some as the FBI of the National Park Service. He leads the bare-bones taskforce handling the most complex crimes committed on National Park land. Jack has been tracking this killer for months to no avail.

Olivia knows she might just be the silver bullet he's been looking for. She's used to running things her way, however, not pausing to explain herself to anyone, as her ex-husband is always keen to remind her. But when Amy falls in with the wrong crowd, and Olivia realises the danger she's placed her in, she is forced to choose between protecting her daughter and stopping a killer in their tracks.
  • Published: Sep 14 2023
  • Pages: 336
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781035401772

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