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To Play The Fox

An action-packed World War Two thriller to set your pulse racing
  • Author
    • Frank Barnard
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A heart-pounding thriller of non-stop action and suspense, with an unexpected twist that will leave you breathless. To Play The Fox is the perfect novel for fans of Band of Masters of the Air and Band of Brothers.

North Africa, 23 October 1942. The eve of El Alamein, the battle that turned the Second World War.

The greatest artillery barrage in the history of warfare is about to be unleashed. Within twelve days, the Axis forces will be in full retreat, their dreams of controlling the Mediterranean and seizing the Suez Canal shattered. RAF fighter pilot, Englishman Kit Curtis, is in an unarmed photo-reconnaissance Spitfire, reporting Axis movements. Ossie Wolf, American volunteer, is seconded to fly in a covert operation behind enemy lines.

Since they flew together during the Siege of Malta, both men have taken different paths, Curtis following his conscience, Wolf insouciant and headstrong, killer in the air, liability on the ground. But Alamein unites them in a desperate struggle for survival. And together they encounter the commander of the Axis forces, the Desert Fox himself...

What readers are saying about To Play The Fox:

'A wonderful read that captures the atmosphere of WW2 both here and in France, covering the action of fighter pilots and their social activities. It is hard to believe that this is a work of fiction'

'Frank Barnard produces a brilliant and thrilling combination of human interest drama and detailed military research. Another great story, full of detail, drama, insight and suspense'

'An excellent historical novel that cries out to be adapted for the cinema screen'
  • Published: Feb 19 2009
  • Pages: 384
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780755338924
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