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Three Nights in Italy: a hilarious and heart-warming story of love, second chances and the importance of not taking life for granted

  • Author
    • Olivia Beirne
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A gorgeous, life-affirming story of getting a bit lost and helping the people we love become found. Warm, wistful, and wise, Three Nights In Italy is a book my heart will treasure' LAURA JANE WILLIAMS

'Olivia Beirne writes with such warmth and humour. She just GETS women, and covers both light and serious topics in such relatable, tender ways' LUCY VINE

'You can feel the warmth of the sun on every single page . . . brilliantly funny and filled with love' DAISY BUCHANAN

'Funny, poignant and full of heart, Three Nights In Italy simply swept me away' EMILY STONE


Zoe always knew this day would come. After all, no one can live for ever. She may not be ready, but Zoe knows the importance of goodbye - and how much it hurts when left unsaid - so it's time to return to her grandmother's home in Italy one last time. Even if that means deceiving her mum, Ange.

Harriet doesn't know where she fits anymore. It's not in Cornwall with the new family her mum is building, and it's certainly not in the job she hates. The trip to Italy may not be the adventure Zoe and Harriet promised themselves, but Harriet is simply not being left behind.

Ange was doing fine. Well, she was coping. Like she has been for the past fourteen years because her daughter needed her. But since her mother's death, nothing has felt fine. Even her relationship with Zoe is cracking at the seams.

Then, the last person any of them expects to see suddenly turns up, and soon it seems the only way to move forward is to revisit the past . . .

Explore the sun-drenched Italian countryside in this hilarious and heart-warming novel about unconditional love, second chances and the importance of not taking life for granted.

'I wish I could read it for the first time all over again. The relationships between all the characters were so wonderful . . . everyone needs an Aunt Fanny in their lives!'

'A beautiful, feel-good read with a charming cast of characters, idyllic locations and plenty of humour counterbalanced brilliantly with some thoughtful themes. I absolutely loved it'

'I read the brilliant Three Nights In Italy in two days, unable to put it down. And I'm now going back to reread Olivia's previous books because I can't let go...'

'Three Nights In Italy is tender, timely and deeply touching - you can feel the warmth of the sun on every single page . . . brilliantly funny and filled with love'

'A beautiful story about changing your life and taking chances. It had me wanting to hop on a plane to Italy immediately! Highly recommend!'

'A charming feel-good book that you won't be able to put down. Olivia once again wins you over with her beautifully real and raw characters whose lives you can't help but get invested in! Loved it'

'It was such a fun, pacy read full of colourful characters that will stay with me beyond the page. A story of second chances and taking risks filled with warmth and humour - I loved it'

'Beirne consistently writes women and their complex, often messy, but tender relationships beautifully'
  • Published: Apr 13 2023
  • Pages: 368
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472284495

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