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Three Debts Paid (Daniel Pitt Mystery 5)

  • Author
    • Anne Perry
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Three Debts Paid is the fifth gripping instalment in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels from the pen of highly acclaimed crime writer and New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry.

It is February 1912 when barrister Daniel Pitt is reunited with his old college friend, Inspector Ian Frobisher. Following allegations of plagiarism, one of their Cambridge University professors has committed an assault, and Ian has recommended that Daniel defends him.

Meanwhile, Daniel's dear friend Miriam fford Croft has returned to London as a newly qualified forensic pathologist and is working with eccentric Dr Evelyn Hall. On Daniel's first visit to the morgue, he is shocked to find Miriam examining the mutilated body of a young woman and, what's worse, it is being compared to another corpse bearing identical wounds. As rumours spread of a serial killer, nicknamed 'the rainy-day slasher', stalking the streets of London, Daniel hears that Ian Frobisher is in charge of the case.

So begins the harrowing pursuit of a brutal murderer whose killing spree is far from over...
  • Published: Apr 14 2022
  • Pages: 336
  • 176 x 110mm
  • ISBN: 9781472275271

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Press Reviews

  • Kirkus Reviews
    One of her most teasing mysteries, this time with a courtroom finale that may be her strongest ever
  • Publishers Weekly
    A truly unusual mystery
  • Good Book Guide
    Elegantly constructed and nail-bitingly tense
  • Washington Times Daily
    Engrossing . . . The book gallops to a dramatic conclusion
  • Eurocrime
    There is a freshness about [Perry's] writing which makes it truly exceptional
  • New York Times
    Anne Perry's Victorian mysteries are marvels of plot construction