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Thirty Things I Love About Myself

Don't miss the funniest, most heart-warming and unexpected romance novel of the year!
  • Author
    • Radhika Sanghani
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'Funny and charming' PANDORA SYKES
'Just brilliant!' NIMCO ALI
'So good!' JANE FALLON
'I absolutely love this book' EMMA GANNON
'Heart-warming, affirming' MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE
'Brilliant, clever and funny!' BETH REEKLES

'Fresh and joyful . . . Essential reading to kick off 2022' Stylist
A Glamour 'Best Books for 2022'
One of Bustle's '12 Books By British Women Of Colour To Look Out For In 2022'
'Entertaining' Daily Mail
'A perfect read' Red

When Nina Mistry hits rock bottom - because no one plans to turn thirty in a prison cell - a tatty little self-help book finds its way into her hands. She doesn't think she needs it; why would a strong, sensible Taurus like her go on a 'life-changing journey' to fix herself? But her inner journalist is curious. And by the time the sun comes up, she knows exactly what she needs to do . . .

'This book will change your life . . . if you're brave enough to let it.'

This will not be a journey for the faint-hearted, but whatever else Nina has messed up in her life, she's never been afraid of a challenge.

'30 bold steps. One year.'

Her mother is - as always - appalled. Her brother is too depressed to care. The love of her life? He's already moved on. And her friends . . . well, that's another story.

But Nina has Nina.

And she's about to find out if that's enough.

'It's time for a brand new kind of love story. Are you ready?'

This is a gloriously uplifting novel for anyone who has ever had a self-worth wobble, or is watching someone they love struggle; it is for any woman who has ever failed and got herself right back up again, or whose life is veering a little off track!

We think it's the book your best friend would recommend you start reading right now. And it might well make you radically rethink everything you know about love . . .

Early readers of #30Things are saying:

'I absolutely fell in love'
'Warm, witty and wise'
'Genuinely laugh-out-loud funny'
'Such a positive message, for women of all ages!'
'It had me at the dedication! A lesson for me, and for every woman I know and love!'
'I needed this book!'
'It's raw, honest and achingly funny'
'Funny, clever and inviting. . . pulls you in then refuses to let you go'
'Impossible to put down'
'It feels really fresh and so right for now'
'I couldn't stop thinking about Nina!'
  • Published: Jan 05 2023
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472277701

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Press Reviews

  • Nimco Ali
    'Just brilliant. I want to give it to every woman I know'
  • Lauren Bravo
    'Funny, life-affirming - a treat!'
  • Emma Gannon
    'I absolutely loved this book . . . Witty, relatable and heartwarming'
  • Pandora Sykes
    'Funny and charming'
  • Lori Nelson Spielman
    'I adored everything about this hilarious, clever, uplifting novel! Uproariously funny and tenderly touching, it is the perfect antidote for today's stressful world'
  • Nell Frizzell
    'A charming novel. I loved spending time with Nina, Meera, Rupa, Auntie Trish and the whole gang. Typical Sagittarius'
  • Jane Fallon
    'So good! Funny, fresh, touching. I'm completely in love with Nina'
  • Catherine Gray
    'Witty, warm and, most of all, brave and important'
  • Harriet Minter
    'It is PERFECT - funny and charming and moving all in one . . . I honestly believe everyone will be touched by Nina's story . . . I loved it!'
  • Nikki May
    'A heart-warming and uplifting read, exactly what we all need right now . . . This is going to fly!'
  • Glamour
    'It may take an impromptu night in a prison cell to kickstart Nina's journey, but it's one we can all learn from'
  • Red
    'A perfect read . . . Warm, witty and a little bit woo-woo, it's impossible not to root for Nina'
  • Woman’s Own
    'An uplifting, inspiring read'
  • Beth Reekles, author of ‘The Kissing Booth’ series and Love, Locked Down
    'Brilliant, clever and funny . . . The self-love and empowerment story we all need. I'm already recommending it to all of my friends!'
  • Lizzie Damilola Blackburn, author of Yinka, Where is Your Huzband?
    'Felt like a big, warm hug! Filled with lots of gems, heartfelt moments and plenty of LOLs. I rooted for Nina all the way'
  • Megan Jayne Crabbe
    'Heart-warming, affirming . . . An ideal read'
  • Fabulous
    'Funny, relatable and full of lessons we all need'
  • Daily Mail
    'Relatable Nina's rollercoaster ride is entertaining'
  • Stylist
    'Heartwarming . . . [a] warm, witty story'