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The Whitlock Workout

Get Fit and Healthy in Minutes
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    • Max Whitlock
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Max Whitlock, Team GB's double Olympic gold-medallist, has spent years developing his own fitness regime and now he wants to share his workout secrets with you.

The Whitlock Workout gathers together all of Max's user-friendly core strength exercises and quick workout routines that anybody can try, from simple stretches on your sofa, to those using just a cushion or a pillow, through to more advanced total body exercises which can be taken outside to your local park. Along with nutritional tips and his favourite quick and healthy recipes to help fuel your body, Max shares the secrets of his success and teaches us how to be fit for life.


Max is proof that if you train hard and eat well, you really can achieve amazing results from home. Whether it's a spare 15 minutes in the morning before work, or half an hour at the weekend, The Whitlock Workout is perfect if you are looking to get fit, or want to build your core strength, but don't have the time or money to go to the gym every day.
  • Published: Jan 09 2020
  • Pages: 272
  • 250 x 198mm
  • ISBN: 9781472268143

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Press Reviews

  • Daily Express
    In The Whitlock Workout Max shares his unique exercises that can be done by anyone anywhere, using body-weight rather than expensive equipment. Its pages are filled with images of the handsome young athlete grappling with sofa cushions in a bid to show us all what is possible using everyday objects (even if we don't have anything approaching his athletic physique).
  • Sunday Express
    [Max Whitlock] shares his speedy fitness routines with us . . . from simple stretches on the sofa to more advanced total body exercises you can do in the garden or park. He includes nutritional tips and his favourite quick and healthy recipes.
  • iNews
    [The Whitlock Workout] is part sports memoir, part workout plan, part recipe book, with an emphasis on simplicity, time-efficiency and manageable goals . . . Whitlock's plan seems particularly timely . . . his exercise plan is a gym-free, fad-free regime . . . His workout plan is suitable for fitness newbies and gym-goers alike, with practical advice for staying motivated and slotting gymnastics-based fitness into our everyday lives.
  • Magic Radio Book Club
    Core strength is at the heart of [Max's] practice, and he would like to pass on his best workouts for us to do at home or anywhere you fancy! Incorporating little elements into your day will transform you from the inside out. Balance is key here, in more ways than one . . . Consider this to be a smart and hugely effective guide towards a better you in 2020!
  • Woman's Own
    Exercise and enjoyment belong in the same sentence with the help of one of the UK's foremost athletes. [Max] has passed on his extensive knowledge about health, fitness and healthy eating in his new book.
  • The Telegraph
    Whitlock is on a mission to get Britain fit and healthy . . . the book features several series of exercises that target the whole body. And best of all, they can mostly be done without any additional equipment. Just the floor, a sofa, or a cushion is more than enough.
  • Daily Mail
    In The Whitlock Workout, Max Whitlock advocates using things such as a sofa cushion - or a child - rather than high-tech gym equipment to help incorporate fitness into everyday life.
  • Muddy Stilettos
    Looking for healthy dinner ideas - take inspiration from Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock... his new book, The Whitlock Workout, is a surprisingly accessible exercise and recipe manual