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The Urchin's Song

Has she found the key to happiness?
  • Author
    • Rita Bradshaw
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The approach of the twentieth century means little to Josie Burns and her family; living in Sunderland's slum area, they battle dirt, cold and hunger on a daily basis. Josie's brothers and sisters are terrified of their violent alcoholic father, but Josie is not like the rest, for she has something that will enable her to rise out of the slums: a beautiful singing voice, with which even as a child she earns enough pennies to keep her father happy. When she discovers that her father is trying to put her younger sister, Gertie, on the game, Josie and Gertie flee the family home, taking refuge with a friend. By educating herself and taking singing lessons, Josie starts on the journey to success and security - but can she also find love?
  • Published: Sep 02 2002
  • Pages: 512
  • 177 x 115mm
  • ISBN: 9780747267089

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    Praise for Rita Bradshaw: 'Catherine Cookson fans will enjoy discovering a new author who writes in a similar vein
  • Family Circle
    If you like gritty, rags-to-riches Northern sagas, you'll enjoy this
  • Sunderland Echo
    What an emotional rollercoaster ride of a book! It grabs your attention from page one and does not let go until the end
  • Sunderland Echo
    Displaying an uncanny ability to spin a good yarn
  • Historical Novels Review
    All published writers have skill and creativity, but a few have more. It's called magic. I'm beginning to believe Bradshaw has it!