The Tailor's Wife

A compelling saga of scandal, love and family feuds

The path to happiness is rarely easy...

A young woman struggles against family loyalty and clas
s prejudices in The Tailor's Wife, an engrossing saga from Alexandra Connor. Perfect for fans of Josephine Cox and Rosie Goodwin.

Widowed Jacob Clark has been training his daughter, Suzannah, to take over his tailoring business. Suzannah is the sensible one and she's happy with the unconventional role her father has found for her. Suzannah's also a beauty, and she's caught the eye of the most eligible of bachelors, Edward Lyle, the son of a powerful local politician who is horrified at the thought of being connected by marriage to such a lowly family.
When Suzannah's brother, Girton, is taken in by the charms of scheming Rina Taylor, Suzannah is right to fear that chaos and scandal will follow, giving Noel Lyle the ammunition he needs to prise his son away from Suzannah ... or so Noel thinks. But the two young people whose lives he is setting out to destroy are less malleable than he imagines...

What readers are saying about The Tailor's Wife:

'I've read all Alexandra Connor's books and they are all so compelling that I can't put them down once started. This one's set in Manchester and really captures the times, and the characters are all well drawn'

'Alexandra Connor is one of my favourite authors. Her stories are full of twists and turns, and are hard to put it down'

'This was a wonderful story from start to finish, I did not want it to end'
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