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The Sphinx Scrolls

The Ballashiels Mysteries
  • Author
    • Stewart Ferris
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An ancient Mayan prophecy…

A dangerous Nazi descendant…

A passionate archaeologist…

And an aristocrat desperate for cash.

Mayan legends tell of a location where the secret to surviving the end of the world may be found. One part of that legend is recorded on a stone tablet in the dusty attic of Lord ‘Ratty’ Ballashiels’ crumbling manor. The other twin part disappeared from a Berlin museum when the Nazis took power. When Ratty seems about to sell his tablet to the adopted son of Josef Mengele, his friend, the archaeologist Ruby Towers, is appalled.

Soon it is clear that more than archaeology is at stake. The quest to rescue historic Central American artifacts becomes a race to prevent an apocalyptic threat when Ruby discovers that the ancients have set in motion something that will threaten the world today.
  • Published: Nov 03 2016
  • Pages: 384
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781910939383
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