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The Snow Kimono

  • Author
    • Mark Henshaw
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On the same day that a retired French police inspector receives a letter from a woman claiming to be his daughter, he returns to his apartment to find a stranger waiting for him on his doorstep. That stranger is a Japanese man called Tadashi Omura, and the men end up telling each other their life stories, transporting us back to Japan and Algeria. As we try and work out the connection between the two men, one thing that's clear is that they've both led lives that have been extraordinary, dangerous and built on layers upon layers of lies.
  • Published: Feb 25 2016
  • Pages: 416
  • 197 x 165mm
  • ISBN: 9781472225702

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Press Reviews

  • The Times
    A novel of exquisite beauty, which evades categorisation
  • Lady
    A striking piece of work, with all the intricate, precise beauty of an origami bird
  • Guardian
    Gripping... each chapter builds on the one before, unfolding through levels of story to unpack deeper and deeper truths
  • Sydney Morning Herald
    Wonderful...a novel of detection, a thriller of the intellect
  • Asian Review of Books
    Stunning and hypnotic... You won't read another novel like THE SNOW KIMONO this year, or perhaps for many to come
  • Shots Magazine
    This book casts a spell from the start....A highly original book full of small sensations with the bonus of being a joy to read
  • Scottish Woman
    Strongly atmospheric, the vivid scenery of Japan resonates through Henshaw's carefully placed words as he creates a psychological thriller
  • Australian Book Review
    The novel questions authorship and the slipperiness of memory...[Its] narrative twists are challengingly clever
  • Advertiser
    The writing is beautiful: pellucid and wonderfully visual, painting memorable landscape cameos. The reader is compliant, willingly engaged with a story that starts in medias res and branches in unexpected and seemingly unconnected yet complementary directions
  • Sydney Review of Books
    Masterful...a tale almost as seamless, and of such a rich fabric, as one of Sachiko's mother's famous kimonos
  • Kirkus Reviews
    Henshaw creates a world of psychological complexity and emotional subtlety in a story that moves from Paris to Japan and back again...Henshaw's prose shimmers as his narrative becomes ever more nuanced, complex, and misleading
  • Saturday Paper
    Henshaw's prose [is] luminous and crisp, like the snowy countryside of Japan or the barren lanes of Algiers...When I finished The Snow Kimono, I raised my head, vaguely surprised that I was at home, in familiar surrounds, and it was still daylight outside. I turned straight back to page one and began again