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The Silent War

A moving wartime saga of tragedy and hope
  • Author
    • Victor Pemberton
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Sunday Collins is less than happy with her lot in war-torn London, working in the sweaty, steamy laundry round the corner from her home in a stark Holloway council flat known as 'the buildings' where she has been brought up by May Collins, a Salvation Army Officer who found her on the Sally Army steps along with her bossy sister Louie. Sunday lives for Saturday nights, when she makes the most of her Betty Grable looks at the Athenaeum Dance Hall. But Sunday's recklessly lived life is changed dramatically when, one summer morning in 1944, the laundry receives a direct hit from one of Hitler's V-1s, and she finds she is - and it seems permanently - deaf...
  • Published: Dec 07 2000
  • Pages: 448
  • 177 x 111mm
  • ISBN: 9780747253228
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