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The Richard Laymon Collection Volume 17: Amara & The Lake

  • Author
    • Richard Laymon
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AMARA The Princess of Egypt, the once beautiful wife of Mentuhotep the first, lies in a museum. She has been dead for 4000 years. Or has she? Barney the night-watchman is the first to discover that the mummy's coffin has been broken open. But Barney won't be able to tell the authorities. The dead can't testify to anything. Now Amara is free again and nothing can stop her...

THE LAKE Leigh yearns for a summer of excitement by the lake. But instead she stumbles into a legacy of terror which will shatter her life... Eighteen years on, Deana has no knowledge of her mother's troubled past. But when the horrors of the past meet the perils of the present, both mother and daughter are plunged into a nightmare of blood and terror from which there is no escape.
  • Published: Jul 12 2007
  • Pages: 800
  • 197 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780755331857
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