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The Richard Laymon Collection Volume 14: Among the Missing & Come Out Tonight

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    • Richard Laymon
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AMONG THE MISSING It's 2:32am. Behind the wheel of a jaguar sits the beautiful wife of Professor Grant Parkington. She has left Grant behind. The man she wants is waiting for her on the roadside. 'Where to?' she says. He suggests the Bend, where there's a soft, sandy beach - an ideal place for love. But in the morning a naked body will be found - a body missing more than its clothes...

COME OUT TONIGHT It's the hottest night of the year so far, and it's also young couple Sherry and Duane's first time. Discovering they have no condoms, Duane throws on his clothes and makes his way down to the twenty-four hour Speed-D-Mart. Not a place anyone would want to visit at night. Suddenly Sherry hears a noise from down the street. It sounds like a gunshot...
  • Published: Apr 05 2007
  • Pages: 736
  • 197 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780755331819
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