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The Plague Charmer

A gripping story of dark motives, love and survival in times of plague
  • Author
    • Karen Maitland
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1361. An unlucky thirteen years after the Black Death, plague returns to England.

'Fear and hysteria are portrayed with claustrophobic skill' THE TIMES

'Dark and enthralling... with an unexpected hero' JULIE COHEN

From the bestselling author of Company of Liars, Karen Maitland, The Plague Charmer is a darkly compelling novel following a stranger who arrives in an isolated community in the grips of a medieval pandemic.

When the sickness reaches the village of Porlock Weir, who stands to lose the most? And who will seize this moment for their own dark ends?

The dwarf who talks in riddles?

The mother who fears for her children?

The wild woman from the sea?

Or two lost boys, far away from home?


Why readers are gripped by The Plague Charmer

'Its horrors are vividly told but with an underlying sense of human resilience and hope'

'A real page turner'

'The best and worst of human behaviour in troubled times'

'Poignant, shocking and haunting'

'It was so easy to be drawn into this world...'
  • Published: Apr 06 2017
  • Pages: 576
  • 198 x 129mm
  • ISBN: 9781472235862

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    Offbeat, absorbing
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    A brilliant writer, with a real sense of history
  • Daily Mail
    If you like dark, atmospheric, historical fantasy, then this is definitely one for you
  • The Times
    A dark read... fear and hysteria are portrayed with claustrophobic skill
  • Bookbag
    A really good read... as much one for first time Maitlanders as it is for the fans
  • Writing Magazine
    Karen Maitland is the go-to writer for gruesome medieval murk
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    Written in dark but engaging prose, it is historical fiction with an apocalyptic twist