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The Pirate's Daughter

  • Author
    • Margaret Cezair-Thompson
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THE PIRATE'S DAUGHTER by Margaret Cezair-Thompson is an unforgettable story of love and adventure, spanning three decades of Jamaican history.

Jamaica, 1946. Errol Flynn washes up on in the Zaca, his storm-wrecked yacht. Ida Joseph, the teenaged daughter of Port Antonio's Justice of the Peace, is intrigued to learn that the 'World's Handsomest Man' is on the island, and makes it her business to meet him. For the jaded swashbuckler, Jamaica is a tropical paradise that Ida, unfazed by his celebrity, seems to share. Soon Flynn has made a home for himself on Navy Island, where he entertains the cream of Hollywood at parties that become a byword for decadence - and Ida has set her heart on marrying this charismatic older man who has singled her out for his attention. Flynn and Ida do not marry, but Ida bears Flynn a daughter, May, who will meet her father but once. The Pirate's Daughter is a tale of passion and recklessness, of two generations of women and their battles for love and survival, and of a nation struggling to rise to the challenge of hard-won independence.
  • Published: Jun 12 2008
  • Pages: 528
  • 197 x 129mm
  • ISBN: 9780755343591
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Press Reviews

  • Vogue
    'An unabashedly frangipani-scented - and wholly satisfying - armchair read'
  • Independent
    'Breathtaking pace and verve... a delight'
  • Daily Mirror
    'A love song to a slice of paradise that's teetering on the edge... a complete joy'
  • Sunday Telegraph
    ' A joy to read, at once humorous, touching and poetic... The Pirate's Daughter charms as surely as any dashing film hero'
  • Time Out
    'Cezair-Thompson has a light enough touch to tie such weighty issues as race, class and politics...a panorama of the diverse life of Jamaica held together by a sense of beguilement with the island itself'