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The Man Who Ate Everything

  • Author
    • Jeffrey Steingarten
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Jeffrey Steingarten is to food writing what Bill Bryson is to travel writing. Whether he is hymning the joys of the perfect chip, discussing the taste of beef produced from Japanese cows which are massaged daily and fed on sake, or telling us the scientific reasons why salad is a 'silent killer', his humour and his love of good food never fail. The questions he asks (like 'Why aren't the French dropping like flies?') will challenge everything you assume you know about what you eat, yet his characteristic wit imparts masses of revelatory information in the most palatable of ways. A must for everyone who's ever enjoyed a meal - this book contains everything you ever wanted to know about food, but were too hungry to ask...
  • Published: Jul 08 1999
  • Pages: 384
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780747260974

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Press Reviews

  • Nigella Lawson
    I have yet to meet anyone who hasn't adored this book once they've read it.
  • 'wonderfully extreme' Independent 23/9
  • Independent
    Gastronomic writing of the highest order, deserving a place alongside Elizabeth David and MFK Fisher.
  • Sunday Telegraph
    Here is a great feast of a volume, a banquet of a book. It is both long and rich, full of intense flavours, new discoveries, unexpected contrasts ... Splendid.
  • The Times
    Like the best modern-day food writers, Steingarten's style is a mix of wittily intellectual inquiry and glorious gluttony ... Little escapes his scrutiny, humour or delight.
  • Jennifer Paterson
    Absolutely not to be missed.