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The Maharajah's General

East India Company in India, 1855
  • Author
    • Paul Fraser Collard
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The second book in the enthralling military adventure series for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Anthony Riches and Matthew Harffy.

'Brilliant' Bernard Cornwell

'Jack Lark is an unforgettable new hero' Anthony Riches

'Page-turning adventure, a hero with issues yet who's likable, and antagonists you will love to hate... It was hard to put down and a real pleasure to read' Historical Novel Society

Jack Lark barely survived the Battle of the Alma. As the brutal fight raged, he discovered the true duty that came with the officer's commission he'd taken.

In hospital, wounded, and with his stolen life left lying on the battlefield, he grasps a chance to prove himself a leader once more. Poor Captain Danbury is dead, but Jack will travel to his new regiment in India, under his name.

Jack soon finds more enemies, but this time they're on his own side. Exposed as a fraud, he's rescued by the chaplain's beautiful daughter, who has her own reasons to escape. They seek desperate refuge with the Maharajah of Sawadh, the charismatic leader whom the British Army must subdue. He sees Jack as a curiosity, but recognises a fellow military mind.

In return for his safety, Jack must train the very army the British may soon have to fight...




'Quite simply do yourself a favour and read these books'

'Everything you need in an historical military novel. Intrigue, deception, the horror of combat, revenge...'

'Jack Lark is a hero I'll happily follow'

'Filled with twists and memorable, larger than life characters'

'A delicately balanced formula that is mixed to perfection'
  • Published: Mar 27 2014
  • Pages: 336
  • 197 x 134mm
  • ISBN: 9781472200303
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Press Reviews

  • Historical Novel Society
    Page-turning adventure, a hero with issues yet who's likable, and antagonists you will love to hate... It was hard to put down and a real pleasure to read. If you enjoy books by Bernard Cornwell, you'll want to put this book on your reading list
  • S.J.A. Turney
    The story is tightly planned and written, the characters three-dimensional and appropriately sympathetic or hateful, and the language and turn of phrase thoroughly engrossing... Quite simply do yourself a favour and read these books
    The story is well written with some very comprehensive descriptions of both people and their surroundings. In each of the actions the pace is dynamic and brutally described making it one of those books where there is always the tendency to just read one more chapter before putting it down for a while. Well worth reading
  • Parmenion Books
    It's not since I first picked up Sharpe's Eagle that a single character captured my imagination so totally, this supported by a fast fluid pace of writing, and a vivid portrayal of the Indian country, people, time period, the east India company and as usual the brutal, uncompromising and occasionally morally bankrupt officer corps coupled with the efficiency of the ordinary men of the British army, all this condensed into 336 pages of explosive action, violent emotions, uncompromising unbending discipline and a man with the courage to do what is right