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The Loveday Loyalty (Loveday series, Book 7)

Drama, intrigue and romance in an exciting historical saga
  • Author
    • Kate Tremayne
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Edward Loveday always believed that loyalty would see his family through any crisis. But since his tragic death, they have been far from united. The fierce rivalry between his twin sons, Adam and St John, rages on. Consumed by anger and jealousy they are unable to see that their real enemy is not each other but rather an outsider - Harry Sawle. Sawle, a cunning and violent smuggler, is determined to use their feud for his own gain.

Meanwhile, in the new Australian penal colony, at least one Loveday remains loyal as the disgraced Japhet risks his life to protect Adam's investments from a corrupt militia. But one man's loyalty is not enough, for unless Adam and St John can find a way to heal their rift the Lovedays may well be destroyed.
  • Published: Aug 28 2006
  • Pages: 512
  • 178 x 114mm
  • ISBN: 9780755328727
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