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The Loveday Fortunes (Loveday series, Book 2)

Loyalties are divided in this eighteenth-century Cornish saga
  • Author
    • Kate Tremayne
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Cornwall: 1791. As the civil unrest in France gathers force, ripples of conflict are also reaching across the Channel, for the Loveday family are fighting their own private battles. Charles Mercer - Edward Loveday's brother-in-law - has been found dead, the reputation of his eminent bank in tatters. Charles has left the Lovedays facing emotional trauma and financial ruin. But risk comes as second nature to the Lovedays. Adam Loveday finds refuge from the pressures of keeping the family boatyard solvent in the arms of gypsy-bred Senara - whom he is determined to marry despite his father's threats of disinheritance. And his twin, St John, angry at having to curb his spending, throws in his hand with the Sawle brothers - the notorious smugglers who rule Penruan by intimidation and violence. Each one of the Lovedays must sacrifice personal ambition in the face of adversity. But to some of them, sacrifice does not come easily...
  • Published: Aug 02 2001
  • Pages: 512
  • 178 x 114mm
  • ISBN: 9780747264118

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Press Reviews

  • 'Thrilling family saga... A fast-moving and exciting read and leaves the reader breathless for the next book in the series' Historical Novels Review
    A fast-moving and exciting read and leaves the reader breathless for the next book in the series'
  • PRAISE FOR ADAM LOVEDAY: 'The whole spectrum of society is present in this fast-moving and exciting story' Historical Novels Review
  • 'First-class' West Briton
  • 'Fans of costume dramas and 18/19th century literature will enjoy ADAM LOVEDAY, a story of warring brothers and forbidden love' Chester Evening Leader
  • 'Rich in drama and passion, with the atmosphere and flavour of eighteenth century Cornwall, ADAM a story of family relationships that transcends time, and heralds the emergence of an exciting new storyteller' North Cornwall Advertiser