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The Long Shadow

  • Author
    • Mark Mills
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From Mark Mills, author of the award-winning THE SAVAGE GARDEN comes THE LONG SHADOW, a first-class thriller in the vein of Robert Harris and William Boyd.

Blood brothers or sworn enemies? You never forget what the fight was about... THE LONG SHADOW is a stunning depiction of resentment and revenge.

Ben Makepeace has barely thought of Jacob since school. What he remembers is a competitive, manipulative boy, impinging on his life.

Now Ben is the wrong side of forty with a young son to support and in need of a backer. A call to meet hedge-fund billionaire Victor Sheldon is promising, but there's a surprise in store - Victor is Jacob, now firmly entrenched in a gilded world of riches and glamour. History can cast a long shadow and while Ben believes his childhood is well over, he soon discovers the roots of the past dig deep.
  • Published: Mar 27 2014
  • Pages: 464
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780755392346

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Press Reviews

  • NewBooks Magazine

    I really enjoyed this book... The plot is excellent and as a reader we're not sure what is genuine and what is sabotage until near the end
  • Independent
    A writer of real psychological acuity - his most richly textured work yet
  • The Spectator
    A clever, teasy hybrid of genres and fraught with tensions about money, class and the super-rich. A taut, gripping psychodrama and a wonderful, twisted take on the 'wild divergences' of contemporary Britain
  • Mail on Sunday
    An elegantly written and irresistible thriller
  • Express
    A sure grasp of character...An enthralling mystery, not least because the author's gift for an elegantly turned sentence is fully and generously in evidence