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The Forsyte Saga 3: To Let

  • Author
    • John Galsworthy
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Soames Forsyte has built a good life for himself with his second wife Annette. And he has a new focus and purpose; his beautiful, beloved daughter Fleur. But the sins of the father come flooding back to cast a shadow over his child's future. When Fleur, a vibrant and impetuous young woman, catches the eye of warm-hearted and idealistic Jon Forsyte at a chance meeting, it seems fate is determined to torture them all with the hurts of the past...
  • Published: Sep 06 2007
  • Pages: 336
  • 198 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780755340873
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Press Reviews

  • Financial Times
    Praise for THE FORSYTE SAGA: 'An immortal is, at all levels, readability itself
  • Scotsman
    Just because they were set in a world of frock-coats and ornate drawing rooms, we should not be blind to their modern dilemmas... the satire is sharp, the dialogue, elegant and witty, and the characterisation - dazzling
  • Sunday Times
    THE FORSYTE SAGA was such a cracking good story...compulsive, as well as very modern and outrageous
  • Susan Hill
    Still a terrific read, a satisfying, long, absorbing family story...which knocks spots off its pale imitators
  • Penny Vincenzi
    The books I most wish I'd written