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The Dead Pass

  • Author
    • Bateman
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Hired to find the missing son of retired political activist Moira Doherty, Dan Starkey knows his new case is going to be challenging. Billy 'the Bear' Doherty isn't an easy man to find - a criminal with a nasty drug habit, his mum is convinced he's been murdered.

But when Moira herself is killed, her body found floating in the waters under Londonderry's Peace Bridge, Dan finds himself in the middle of a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Already in unfamiliar territory, Starkey is quickly embroiled in the city's porn and drug fuelled underworld, where a new generation of gangster terrorist is intent on creating mayhem their predecessors could only dream of ...
  • Published: Mar 26 2015
  • 197 x 163mm
  • ISBN: 9781472201256

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Press Reviews

  • Ian Rankin

    He just seems to get better and better
  • Observer
    Sometimes brutal, often blackly humorous and always terrific
  • Daily Mirror
    Fast and furious
  • James Nesbitt

    A dark and brilliant champion of words
  • Time Out
    Fast paced and throbbing with menace