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The Dark Beneath

a completely gripping crime thriller (Lieutenant Dani Lewis series book 1)
  • Author
    • J. S. Law
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The Dark Beneath was previously published as Tenacity.

'I read this in a day and can't wait for the next'
Clare Mackintosh, number one bestseller

'An impressive debut...gripping, entertaining reading' The Times

Lieutenant Dani Lewis must uncover the hidden truth behind a suspicious death at sea. But will she survive long enough to find the answers?
Full of twists and turns, this gripping crime thriller is perfect for fans of M.J. Arlidge, Will Dean and Elly Griffiths.

'Addictively readable' Patricia Cornwell

A sailor is found dead on a submarine. But something doesn't add up...
Although it's ruled a suicide, Lieutenant Dani Lewis - fearless star of the Special Investigations Branch - knows the man's wife was found brutally murdered only days before. Now she must enter the cramped confines of a submarine to interrogate the tight-knit crew.

Trapped deep in the ocean - the only woman on board with a possible killer in tow - the pressure rises quickly for Dani Lewis. And she may need to choose between the truth and her own survival if she's to make it out alive. Two hundred metres below the surface, she will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide...

'Pacey, claustrophobic and utterly thrilling' Eva Dolan

Why readers are raving about THE DARK BENEATH:

'A claustrophobic, addictive and brilliantly constructed thriller that just won't let go... I really cannot recommend it highly enough' Liz Loves Books

'Such a high quality thriller with a fantastic and unusual location - tense and claustrophobic, it grips instantly' ***** Goodreads Reviewer

'A must read' ***** Goodreads Reviewer

'Absolutely loved this book right from the beginning. Gripping from start to finish, couldn't put it down' ***** Goodreads Reviewer
  • Published: Dec 21 2017
  • Pages: 400
  • 194 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472257161

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Press Reviews

  • Patricia Cornwell

    J. S. Law is a powerful new voice, and his heroine Dan Lewis lives up to the title, Tenacity. She is fearless and doesn't quit in the faces of all odds. The murky world of submarines and murder make Tenacity addictively readable, and memories of it linger like dreams
  • Eva Dolan

    Pacey, claustrophobic and utterly thrilling
  • Emlyn Rees

    A brilliant debut. Breathlessly plotted. Deeply disturbing
  • Matt Hilton

    Tense, claustrophobic, and totally absorbing, this book should be on every thriller reader's radar - or should that be sonar? Absolutely superb
  • William Sutton
    I recommend watching out for this exciting debut author, a former submariner who knows his subaqueous stuff and has delivered a narrative that will make anyone breathless
    If you want a thriller that truly works on every level then Tenacity is for you
    A gripping read ... I don't remember being this captivated by a debut novel since Lee Child published Killing Floor ... A stand out read ... 5/5 is a given
  • Clare Mackintosh, author of <i>I Let You Go</i>

    J. S. Law's taut crime novel oozes authenticity. I read this in a day and can't wait for the next in what will undoubtedly be an explosive series
  • The Times
    An impressive debut. . . Law knows what he's writing about, and it shows. The sexist antagonism of the men coupled with the cramped conditions make for gripping, entertaining reading
  • The Sun
    If Law manages to hold his course into nuclear noir, this series could go for as long as the atom-powered Tenacity
  • Shots </i>magazine<i>
    The descriptions are vivid, the atmosphere frighteningly authentic
  • Crime Review
    Outstanding. . . Dark and intense
  • Crimesquad
    I would certainly recommend you dive in
  • Literary Review
    Impressive and memorable
  • SJI Holliday

    A taut, tense thriller with a fantastic female lead. . . J.S. Law is one to watch
    Tenacity is absolutely brutal in its intensity and is quite easily one of the best debut thrillers of 2015
    Gritty, super-charged with tension and claustrophobically atmospheric, Tenacity is a real page-turner of a read. . . Highly recommended
    A searing thriller. . . The claustrophobic drama which unfolds is breathtaking. . . A must read for fans of psychological crime thrillers
    Gripping from the very beginning. . . Cleverly constructed, dramatic and tense, it leaves you feeling shocked yet wanting more
  • Marilyn Dahl

    In his debut novel, J.S. Law has crafted a thrilling suspense . . . Law ends Tenacity with a perfect segue into a sequel. It can't come too soon
  • Promoting Crime Fiction
    I was gripped from the nail-biting opening chapter right through to the end