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The Captains and the Kings

  • Author
    • Jennifer Johnston
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Mr Prendergast, an elderly Anglo-Irishman, is living out his last years in the decaying splendour of his family mansion. As his mind wanders through the gloom he finds it peopled with memories of his neglected wife, his pale shadow of a father, his icily glamorous mother and Alexander, the son she so jealously loved, killed in the First World War.
With only his ill-tempered alcoholic gardener left to attend to him, Mr Prendergast is content to pass his days in such ghostly company. Until young Diarmid arrives, keen-eyed and carrot-haired, to disperse the gathering darkness with curiosity, and the promise of friendship.
  • Published: Jan 07 1999
  • Pages: 160
  • 198 x 129mm
  • ISBN: 9780747259343

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Press Reviews

  • Daily Telegraph
    Jennifer Johnston has written a beauty...full of sharp truth
  • Irish Times
    Elegantly written... it is a tragic story with a merciful ending... Jennifer Johnston knows her Ireland as well as she knows human nature
  • Kingsley Amis

    I greatly enjoyed and admired The Captains and the Kings
  • The Sunday Times
    Assured and skillful
  • Guardian
    Formidably well done