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The Blind Spy

  • Author
    • Alex Dryden
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The brilliant new international thriller by the modern spy master.

Russia's intentions are aggressive. They want to control more of Europe. The Kremlin is threatening to invade Ukraine, a country vital to the West's oil and gas supplies. On the ground, in the seething pit of rumour and fear that is the city of Odessa, on the shore of the Black Sea, two top secret agents are searching for ways to prevent the horrors of invasion and war. Anna Resnikov, ex KGB, and Logan Patterson must negotiate the knife-edge of diplomacy and intimidation that pervades every corner of every street, café and back ally. They need information, the gold currency of espionage. The CIA is exerting heavy muscle and MI6 is influencing hearts and minds and both have their own agendas. Are there assassins on Anna and Logan's tail? And will they get to them before they uncover the identity of the deep, deep throat, known as the Blind Spy, who seems to have all the answers?
  • Published: Mar 31 2011
  • Pages: 480
  • 198 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9780755373352
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