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The Black Dog

The life-affirming debut novel from one of Britain's most-loved comedians
  • Author
    • Kevin Bridges
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'Edgy, dark, funny and perceptive' The Herald

'Immensely readable' Jo Brand

'Brilliant' The Sun

'Vulnerable and raw' Tom Allen

A life-affirming debut novel from one of Britain's most-loved comedians, Kevin Bridges - exploring dysfunctional friendships, family, and how to face your problems head on.

Declan Dolan has always wanted to be a writer, turning the ideas that spiral in his head into stories on the page. He longs to emulate his hometown hero, renowned writer and actor, James Cavani. Though their lives couldn't be more different, they have a lot more in common than they think.

With his pet labrador Hector and his best friend-turned-mentor Doof Doof by his side, Declan sets out to escape his world of binge-drinking, supermarket shelf-stacking and small-time gangsters. Meanwhile Cavani finds himself drawn back into this world that he thought he had already escaped.

Could it be that fate has a way of bringing two people together when they need it the most?
  • Published: Jun 01 2023
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472289070

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Press Reviews

  • The Herald
    Edgy, dark, funny and perceptive ... and very sharply observed.
  • Rob Beckett, comedian and author of A CLASS ACT

    One of the funniest stand-up comedians in world and now the author of a brilliant novel. Kevin's talent is starting to annoy me now.
  • Jo Brand, comedian and author of CAN'T STAND UP FOR SITTING DOWN

    Immensely readable, fast moving and an insight into two sides of Kevin Bridges, I really enjoyed it. Kevin's warmth and wit shine through in his first novel. Never a dull moment and an array of engaging, quirky characters. A funny and absorbing read with some great insights into the world of negotiating being famous.
  • Harriet Tyce, author of IT ENDS AT MIDNIGHT

    I've just finished The Black Dog with a massive lump in my throat - what a brilliant book. Touching, raucous, visceral and really funny with some moments of real profundity.
  • Matt Coyne, author of MAN VS TODDLER

    I love this book. Brilliantly drawn, believable characters of raw heart and honesty. Cannot recommend enough.
  • Tom Allen, comedian and author of TOO MUCH

    Vulnerable and raw - this is a beautiful debut novel from the king of comedic storytelling.
  • Bobby Palmer, author of ISAAC AND THE EGG

    It's funny (obviously) and dark (obviously) but tender and surprising, too.
  • Jon Richardson, comedian

    Watching Kevin, I was sure he was born to be a stand-up comic, but reading his book it is clear he can do absolutely anything he sets his mind to. I look forward to visiting his Michelin starred restaurant and living on his self-built space community. Everything that is great about Kevin's stand up - the characters he creates, the unapologetic root in working class life, the straddling of worlds - is what's great about this book.