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The Beautiful Game

A WAG's Tale
  • Authors
    • Claire Challis
    • Fabulous
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Meet the WAGS: Louise, Tara, Jodie and Pattii and get ready to find out what really happens in extra time when . . .
- you gatecrash the players' Christmas party, only to find that the 'no women allowed' rule doesn't extend to every modelling and call girl agency in town
- your best friend's nanny does a kiss 'n' tell, exposing a string of lies and affairs that you have suspected all along anyway
- your close friend wakes the kids up at 2am to go looking for Daddy - only to find him in the middle of a nightclub getting down and dirty with a prostitute
- you confide your most earth-shattering secret to your new best friend , only to find it front page news the following day

Welcome to the world of wives and girlfriends, as 'Fabulous' * takes you behind the scenes and details the rucks, romances and rules of the mega-glamorous minefield that is the world of football. As we quickly discover, there's a lot more to being a WAG than holidays, heels, hair extensions and handbags. In the cut-throat world of Premiership football, it's not just a game of two halves - it's survival of the fittest.

And some will go to any lengths to stay at the top...

* 'Fabulous' is the pseudonym of an ex-WAG.

We're just not telling you which one . . .
  • Published: May 29 2008
  • Pages: 384
  • 203 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9780755318261
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