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The Bad Place

A gripping horror novel of spine-chilling suspense
  • Author
    • Dean Koontz
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Frank Pollard awakens in an alley, knowing nothing but his name and that he is in danger. Over the next few days he develops a fear of sleep because when he wakes he finds blood on his hands and bizarre and terrifying objects in his pockets. Distraught and desperate, Frank begs husband-and wife detective team Bobby and Julie Dakota to get to the bottom of his mysterious, amnesiac fugues. It seems a simple job, but they are drawn into ever-darkening realms where they encounter the nightmare, hate-filled figure stalking Frank. And their lives are threatened, as is that of Julie's gentle, Down's-syndrome brother, Thomas.

To Thomas, death is the 'bad place' from which there is no return. But as each of them ultimately learns, there are equally bad places in the world of the living, places so steeped in evil that, in contrast, death seems almost to be a relief...
  • Published: Dec 05 2005
  • 180 x 113mm
  • ISBN: 9780747234449
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Press Reviews

  • The Times
    Praise for Dean Koontz's novels: 'Koontz redefines suspense
  • Publishers Weekly
    Koontz`s style bleaches out clichés while showing a genius for detail
  • Sunday Telegraph
    Koontz's art is making the reader believe the impossible... sit back and enjoy it
  • Washington Post
    A master of the thriller genre
  • New York Post
    Scary. Koontz can really spook, and his dialogue and pacing rival the best
  • Mail on Sunday
    Fast and a hospital trolley on a toboggan run
  • New York Times
    Tumbling, hallucinogenic prose... "Serious" writers might do well to examine his technique. The story does not move so much as rocket up the gloomy highway with the reader in violent pursuit