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The April Baby

  • Author
    • Noel Streatfeild
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A treasury of inspiration for every April baby...

Find out which names for your April baby have connotations of renewal, learn what is meant by a gift of a bunch of moss, bearded crepis, primroses, daisies and wood sorrel, and discover who your baby shares their birthday with - could it be Charlotte Brontë, Leonardo da Vinci or Alexander the Great?

Much-loved author Noel Streatfeild originally launched this series of month-by-month baby books in 1959. Recently rediscovered in her publisher's archives, each little book arrives complete with gorgeous illustrations, and includes:

- suggested names and games for babies born in each month
- characteristics of your baby according to their zodiac sign
- famous babies who share your baby's birthday
- quotations and rhymes to fit every aspect of babyhood
... and much more.

With a warm, lively and charming introduction by Noel Streatfeild to every volume, each adorable book in this series is a pleasure to read, and an object to treasure.
  • Published: Oct 05 2023
  • Pages: 96
  • 200 x 134mm
  • ISBN: 9781035408450

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