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That Summer in Eagle Street

A gripping saga of a community in post-war London
  • Author
    • Harry Bowling
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Eagle Street is a little backstreet of the Tower Bridge market, home to a close-knit community of diverse characters.

Dora and John Weston live in one of the small terraced houses with their five children. Amongst their neighbours are the two street gossips; Doris and Phyllis, who know everyone's business and aged Bill Simpson, who tends his pigeons and watches the glorious sunsets from the flat roof of Sunlight Buildings.

It was on this same roof in the summer of 1940 that Linda Weston first fell in love with Charlie Bradley - a childhood crush which has developed and stood the test of separation. Now Charlie has returned from having done his National sevice, keen to make a good future with Linda. When they are both offered jobs by the notorious Carter brothers - local gang leaders - they jump at the chance. But the rival 'Kerrigan' gang hears of the Carters' success and decides that something needs to be done about it - putting Charlie and Linda at risk...
  • Published: Sep 20 2007
  • Pages: 560
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780755340316

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