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That Dark Remembered Day

  • Author
    • Tom Vowler
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One family, one town, devastated by one tragic event.

Can you ever know what those closest to you are really capable of?

When Stephen gets a phone call to say his mother isn't well, he knows he must go to her straight away. But he dreads going back there. He has never been able to understand why his mother chose to stay in the town he grew up in, after everything that happened. One day's tragic events years before had left no one living there untouched.

Stephen's own dark memories are still poisoning his life, as well as his marriage. Perhaps now is the time to go back and confront the place and the people of his shattered childhood. But will he ever be able to understand the crime that punctured their lives so brutally? How can a community move on from such a terrible legacy?
  • Published: Jun 19 2014
  • Pages: 320
  • 197 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9780755392247

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Press Reviews

  • FRESH BLOOD Author of the Month,
    Tom Vowler is an author to watch out for; a writer, if there is any justice in the world, who is going places
    A devastating story, staying with the reader long after the last page
  • Patrick Gale on WHAT LIES WITHIN

    As unsettling as it is minutely imagined, this striking debut novel from Tom Vowler will give serious pause for thought to anyone considering downsizing for a cosy life in the countryside
  • Alex Preston on WHAT LIES WITHIN

    Taut and compelling, you won't just read this book, you'll devour it
  • Graham Mort on WHAT LIES WITHIN

    Tom Vowler's debut novel is a finely achieved work. Sensitively written and beautifully crafted, it explores sexual violence and the resilience of human tenderness, set against the austere beauty and underlying threat of Dartmoor...hard to put down, impossible to forget
  • Kate Wilson on WHAT LIES WITHIN
    Dealing with difficult themes...the story is utterly absorbing
    I was captivated
    It's a dark and unsettling read... will leave you mulling over the implications long after you've finished reading
    Psychological suspense with magnificent psychological depth... simply stunning
  • Kirsty Logan
    Thoughtful and engrossing . . . Much of the fiction peddled as "psychological suspense" weights heavy on the suspense, with the psychology aspect feeling flimsy at best. Not so here
  • Ray Robinson, author of Jawbone Lake

    That Dark Remembered Day is one of the most absorbing novels I've read in years. Brilliantly crafted, impeccably researched . . . Written in Vowler's beautifully cadenced, poised style, I was, appropriately, captivated
    A rewarding, if disturbing read
  • Alison Moore, author of The Lighthouse

    A compelling story about damage done, a touching exploration of the possibility of forgiveness and recovery
  • Anthony McGowan, author of Mortal Coil

    That Dark Remembered Day is a fine achievement. One vividly imagined and intensely realised scene follows another, each one ratcheting the tension, as we are led back through time, and deeper into Stephen's memories . . . Makes you want to elbow the stranger next to you on the train and say: "Read that. Just read it."
    That Dark Remembered Day is an intense and contemplative novel . . . beautifully written
  • Carys Bray, author of A Song for Issy Bradley

    Intelligent, absorbing and beautifully done
  • Graham Mort, author of Touch

    Compelling and beautifully constructed - it deserves to be widely read