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Tales from Jimmy's Farm

Tales from Jimmy's Farm

This year sees the 20th anniversary of Jimmy's Farm and Wildlife Park in Suffolk, which started out as a farm for rare breed pigs in 2002. This book will celebrate the journey that Jimmy and his family have found themselves on over the years, and the many animals that now call the farm home.

'Many seasons have passed since I came here but I can honestly say each one, emotionally - and on occasions physically! - has left its mark. To witness the changing of the seasons so closely, to understand how they shape both us and the natural world, will always be the ultimate reward.'

In Tales From Jimmy's Farm, Jimmy Doherty reveals how he made his childhood dream of having his own wildlife park a reality - how, starting with a few rare breed pigs, he would transform a derelict and forgotten Suffolk farm into an A-Z of the animal world, from anteaters to zebras.

Taking us on a journey through the seasons - spring lambs to rutting reindeer, sun-loving meerkats to festive monkeys - Jimmy reveals the ups and downs of a life immersed in the natural world, and explains how we too, wherever we may live, can benefit ourselves and the planet by embracing the remarkable animals around us.

'Running a wildlife park is a complex job. To do it you need knowledge that varies from animal biology to how to get an ancient pink tractor running after a harsh frost. If there's a more diverse job, I'd like to hear about it. But the massive upside of all that hard work is simple. At all times you're embedded in the landscape and the lives of those incredible animals which depend on it - a beautiful natural gift which you are forever unwrapping.'

As well as a whole host of other characters, Jimmy will introduce you to:
*Teddy, Tip Tap and Tobias - a trio of tapirs
*Alice and Arthur, the Mongolian Bactrian camels
*Basil, the giant anteater
*Dolph, Mistletoe and Rowan, the resident reindeers
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