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Inside the Fight to Shut Down Pornhub And Expose The Crimes of a Tech Giant
  • Author
    • Laila Mickelwait
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Anticipated publication date

Jul 30, 2024

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For over a decade, Pornhub has been one of the most popular websites on the internet and its parent company created a billion-dollar empire from monetizing online pornography.

But one day, anti-trafficking expert and mother of two Laila Mickelwait discovered a secret hidden in plain sight: Pornhub and its fellow websites were infested with sexual abuse, rape videos and child pornography, and executives were profiting off the abuse of these victims.

Mickelwait began to peel away the layers of Pornhub's facade, revealing not only the crimes at the centre of everything but also the complex structures that allowed executives and companies to make billions from unregulated sex videos. After seeing the rampant injustices across the site, she fought back, rallied millions of people around the world and achieved "the biggest takedown of content in internet history" (Financial Times).

Takedown is the gripping and unbelievable true story of how one woman uncovered the dark secrets of this powerful industry, fought for the women who suffered at the hands of corrupt tycoons and, through her fight, helped make the Internet a safer place for generations to come.
  • Published: Jul 30 2024
  • Pages: 288
  • ISBN: 9781035420094

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