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Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

  • Author
    • James Patterson
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Book editor Katie is in love with poet, Matt Harrison. He seems to share her feelings, but refuses to talk about his past. All she knows is that Matt was once married. One evening, he suddenly ends their relationship, leaving Katie devastated. A few days later, he sends her a notebook that he promises will explain everything. Katie opens the book to find it is the diary that Matt's wife, Suzanne, wrote for their baby son. It tells the story of her love for Matt and Nicholas, and reveals the tragedy that haunts Matt's life today. And Katie realises he needs her to understand his past if she is ever to be a part of his future.
  • Published: Jul 05 2004
  • Pages: 320
  • 178 x 115mm
  • ISBN: 9780747267294

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Press Reviews

  • Suzanne's Diary was no.7 in the Observer and the Daily and Sunday Telegraph bestseller lists
  • Publishers Weekly
    'An affecting love story awash in tragedy and hope' Publishers Weekly, 7/6/04
  • 'A moving, and fast-moving fable' Kirkus Reviews
  • 'A whimsical romance... more American than cherry pie' Mirror
  • Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas was no.10 in the Sunday Times, Observer and Daily and Sunday Telegraph bestseller lists and no.3 in the Times fastseller list