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Stripped (Jonathan Stride Book 2)

Stripped (Jonathan Stride Book 2)

A thrilling Las Vegas murder mystery

Everyone keeps secrets in Vegas. Especially about murder...

Detective Jonathan Stride discovers that there are only two ways to go in Las Vegas: you can hit the jackpot or you can get Stripped... Sure to enthral fans of Freeman's thrilling Thief River Falls, The Nightbird and The Voice Inside.

'This guy can tell a story' Michael Connelly

'A strong narrative, rife with sex and violence' Publishers Weekly

Elonda's seen most things working the streets. But it's a first when her client is shot dead in the act. Detective Jonathan Stride quickly establishes that the victim is M.J. Lane, son of a reclusive millionaire film producer. Any number of people might have wanted to kill M.J.

Another death is troubling the Vegas force - that of a little boy, killed in a hit-and-run incident involving a stolen car. Then the body of a woman is found in a remote farmhouse. Could the murders be linked?

It seems the killer wants to send a message about the brutal slaying decades earlier of a nightclub dancer. That case was wrapped up quickly. Too quickly? Someone certainly thinks so - and he's set on murderous revenge for the sins of the past.

What readers are saying about Stripped:

'I couldn't put this down. Breath-taking, brilliant, talented'

'This story has everything: greed, power, corruption, murder, love, revenge, desire, family feuds dating back forty years. There are a lot of very good thrillers out there, but Stripped is in a class above'

'Full of twists and turns - it's an exciting read, gripping from the very first page'
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