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Storecupboard One Pound Meals

85 Delicious and Affordable Recipes
  • Author
    • Miguel Barclay
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Miguel Barclay is back with his sixth book in the 'One Pound Meals' series and he's on a mission to save you even more money and time with this collection of storecupboard recipes.

Miguel has already revolutionised the way that many of you cook at home - with his budget recipes, healthy ingredients and his ingenious time-saving tips. In STORECUPBOARD ONE POUND MEALS Miguel takes his stress-free, maximum flavour philosophy and teaches you how to get the most out of your every day cupboard essentials. Tins, cans, dried herbs and spices become the main 'hero ingredients', helping you plan affordable dinners each week.

With over 80 of Miguel's favourite storecupboard dishes, you'll have plenty of recipes for the whole family to enjoy, or tasty leftovers to eat the next day or freeze for another time.

Miguel's budget-friendly cooking will once again bring great taste to your kitchen.

Minimum fuss, maximum flavour and all for £1 per person.

Miguel Barclay's new recipe book, GREEN ONE POUND MEALS, is available for pre-order now!
  • Published: Dec 10 2020
  • Pages: 208
  • 230 x 186mm
  • ISBN: 9781472273420

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