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Someone Else's Skin (D.I. Marnie Rome 1): Winner of the Crime Novel of the Year

  • Author
    • Sarah Hilary
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Winner of the Theakston's 2015 Crime Novel of the Year, and a 2014 Richard and Judy Book Club pick.Devastating and brilliant, Sarah Hilary's SOMEONE ELSE'S SKIN has been acclaimed as 'stunning' by Mark Billingham and 'superbly disturbing' by the Observer.

Some secrets keep you safe, others will destroy you...

Detective Inspector Marnie Rome. Dependable; fierce; brilliant at her job; a rising star in the ranks. Everyone knows how Marnie fought to come back from the murder of her parents, but very few know what is going on below the surface. Because Marnie has secrets she won't share with anyone.

But then so does everyone. Certainly those in the women's shelter Marnie and Detective Sergeant Noah Jake visit on that fateful day. The day when they arrive to interview a resident, only to find one of the women's husbands, who shouldn't have been there, lying stabbed on the floor.

As Marnie and Noah investigate the crime further, events begin to spiral and the violence escalates. Everyone is keeping secrets, some for survival and some, they suspect, to disguise who they really are under their skin.

Now, if Marnie is going to find the truth she will have to face her own demons head on. Because the time has come for secrets to be revealed...
  • Published: Jul 14 2016
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472207692

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Press Reviews

  • Julia Crouch

    It's meaty, dark and terrifying. Unflinchingly violent and beautifully big-hearted in equal measure. And Sarah's writing is glorious - she tells us things in new ways, gives us a fully fleshed, sensual world to inhabit for the novel
  • Caro Ramsay

    I think it must be one of the debut novels of next year, if not THE debut novel... (It will be if there is any justice in the world!)
  • Cath Staincliffe

    Intelligently and fluently written with a clever plot and an energetic pace, dealing with harrowing topics and shot through with humanity, I think Sarah's onto a winning series and I really look forward to reading the next instalment
  • Steven Dunne

    It's written with the verve and assurance of a future star and deserves to be a big hit
  • Helen Dunmore

    It has such pace and force. It's very disturbing and builds up to a terrific climax
  • Richard Jones of Bristol Review of Books

    I finished it today and it's completely brilliant, complex, thrilling, brutal, tender, scary and intriguing. What a great book. The pacing is superb, the plot is compelling, the characters are so well drawn. The ending is ingenious
  • Sharon Bolton, author of NOW YOU SEE ME

    A slick, stylish debut. And one that certainly got under my skin
  • Alex Marwood

    A truly engrossing read from an exceptional new talent. Hilary writes with a beguiling immediacy that pulls you straight into her world on the first page and leaves you bereft when you finish. Intelligent, emotional and totally unexpected in terms of where it goes. I truly loved this book
  • The Times
    An impressive debut... The book's central theme is domestic violence, which Hilary handles unflinchingly with force and passion. DI Rome is an appealing creation
  • Observer
    This is a corker: twisty, tricksy and, on occasion, seriously scary
  • Sun
    It's a simply superb read - dark and thrilling
  • Express magazine
    A thrilling debut
  • Irish Examiner
    A thinking woman's whodunit
  • Daily Mirror
    There's a tough new female detective on the block - Marnie Rome . . . [this] unflinching tale which will get under everyone's skin
  • Martyn Waites

    I absolutely loved it. One of the best crime novels - not just debuts - I've read for ages
  • Erin Kelly

    So brilliantly put together, unflinching without ever being gratuitous and I love the way Sarah writes - every other page has a line I wish I'd thought of myself. It's the best crime debut I've ever read and deserves to be MASSIVE
  • Richard Madeley

    Richard and Judy Book Club
    A cracking good thriller, tense and unpredictable
  • Judy Finnigan

    Richard and Judy Book Club
    This crime novel is excellent at unexpected twists
  • Mark Billingham

    A stunning debut