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Anita Blake 29
  • Author
    • Laurell K. Hamilton
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'I've never read a writer with a more fertile imagination' DIANA GABALDON

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, goes up against an ancient evil set on destroying all she holds dear in the new book in the
Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling series.

My name is Anita Blake and I'm no stranger to killing monsters. But this time, it's personal...

The wedding of the century is almost here. My wedding - to Jean-Claude, the new vampire king of America. But not everyone wishes us well. Humans think I'm on the side of the monsters. And the vampires fear their king is under the spell of the most powerful necromancer in a thousand years - me.

When the St. Louis police summon me to a brutal murder scene linked a nationwide slaughter of vampires and humans, I know there is more than just a killer to catch. An ancient evil has arrived in town, hell bent on destroying everything - and everyone - I love.

Even I cannot face this alone. Jean-Claude and I must embrace our triumvirate to save both vampires and humans, and to prove that love conquers all.

Readers can't get enough of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, series:

'Anita Blake novels are my addiction'

'Vampires, zombies and guns, oh my!'

'I have loved every single book in this amazing series, have fallen in love and lust with many characters and desperately hope that there will be more'

'I am hooked'

'I couldn't love Anita and her adventures with the supernatural community any more'
  • Published: Mar 21 2023
  • Pages: 384
  • 238 x 164mm
  • ISBN: 9781472285386

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