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The DI Johnson Series
  • Author
    • Linda Regan
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Alysha and her girl gang, the Alley Cats, have defeated their rivals for control of the Aviary Estate in South London, while managing to win the trust of DI Johnson and the police.

The girls dream of a day when they can live normal lives, but their crime enterprises are the only way they can fund better lives for people like them. And other people soon want a piece of the action…

When the Alley Cats win a pitched battle against a new rival gang, one of the girls is taken and horrifically attacked in retaliation. Violence escalates as the gangs face off, and lives as well as livelihoods are in serious danger – especially when the police finally realise that Alysha isn’t as innocent as she seems…
  • Published: Nov 26 2016
  • Pages: 244
  • ISBN: 9781910939819
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