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Shit Literary Siblings

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'A rollercoaster of glorious, criminal wordplay' - Ian Martin, writer of VEEP, THE DEATH OF STALIN

'Shit Literary Siblings celebrates the mundane figures, and the characters that, until now, were destined to lurk in the wings - Donna Quixote, Todd Gatsby, Hubert Humbert included' - The Face

The imagined worlds of books are populated by some of the most loved and recognisable characters we know. But for every famous detective, Victorian heroine and beloved children's character there often exists an overlooked, often rubbish, and frequently downright sh*t sibling. These unfortunate nobodies have never had the spotlight turned upon them. Until now.

Meet the likes of...

Euston Bear - currently living off Burger King wrapper sandwiches after ending up at the wrong station

Walter Wonka - a Kettering dentist with a phobia of dwarves

Gandalf the Greggs - beardy, pastry-covered piss wizard who spends long periods of time in the high
street bakery chain

The Honourable Jeremy Dracula - younger brother of the Count. Vegetarian.

And many more.

With illustrations to help you spot these oddballs hanging around on the streets, SH*T LITERARY SIBLINGS is a must have slice of humour for the book lover in your life.
  • Published: Sep 29 2022
  • Pages: 128
  • 200 x 136mm
  • ISBN: 9781472296337

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