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the most chilling crime thriller of the year
  • Author
    • Ed James
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'Chilling, highly original, and highly recommended.' Caz Frear, SWEET LITTLE LIES

'Just when your heart rate is getting back to normal, SENSELESS smacks you in the face with another twist' JENNY BLACKHURST, No.1 bestselling author

Six weeks after vanishing, Sarah Langton is suddenly found - delirious and starved close to death.
The police struggle to find any answers.

When another missing person reappears, half-crazed and hysterical, a terrifying pattern emerges: a twisted predator is pushing his victims to insanity.

DS Corcoran, haunted by a previous case, and Dr Marie Palmer, a leading criminal psychiatrist, must try to establish a link between the survivors.

As it becomes clear others are in grave danger, every second will be critical. But can Corcoran and Palmer unravel the deadliest of puzzles in time?

This twisting and page-turning thriller is perfect for readers of Chris Carter, M.J. Arlidge, Sharon Bolton and Fiona Cummins.
  • Published: Jul 23 2020
  • Pages: 400
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472268068

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Press Reviews

  • Jenny Blackhurst
    Just when your heart rate is getting back to normal, SENSELESS smacks you in the face with another twist. Compelling stuff.
  • Caz Frear

    A stand-out crime novel in a genre where the bar has never been higher. Taking us into the dark heart of a missing person investigation, Ed James skilfully ratchets up the tension and the pace never drops for a second. Some great wry humour too! Chilling, highly original, and highly recommended
  • Michelle Davis

    I can't remember the last time I read a book in one sitting, but with ingenious plotting, clever pacing and a hold-your-breath race against the clock, I couldn't stop myself. It's the best police procedural I've read in ages