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A Visual Guide to Extraordinary Buildings
  • Author
    • Zack Scott
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With this exquisite illustrative masterpiece, Zack Scott explores in stunning detail the majestic constructions that humans have created on the surface of our own planet.

This is SCRAPERS, a visual history of man's endeavours to reach higher and higher, through the construction of mind-blowing new buildings.

Zack Scott takes us on an illustrative journey from humankind's first attempts to touch the sky with their creations, to the modern masterpieces of architecture and engineering standing proudly across the globe.

From Stonehenge to the Burj Khalifa; the Taj Mahal to the Shard, Zack shares the little-known facts and fascinating human stories behind the most incredible buildings in the world.

In gorgeous graphic style, SCRAPERS opens our eyes - and our minds - to these true marvels of human architecture.
  • Published: Sep 06 2018
  • Pages: 256
  • 252 x 197mm
  • ISBN: 9781472247896
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