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Road to Rouen

  • Author
    • Ben Hatch
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Ben Hatch is on the road again. Commissioned to write a guidebook about France (despite not speaking any French) he sets off with visions of relaxing chateaux and refined dining.

Ten thousand miles later his family's been attacked by a donkey, had a run-in with a death-cult and, after a near drowning and a calamitous wedding experience involving a British spy, his own marriage is in jeopardy. A combination of obsessions about mosquitoes, French gravel and vegetable theme parks mean it's a bumpy ride as Ben takes a stand against tyrannical French pool attendants, finds himself running with the bulls in Pamplona and almost starring in a snuff movie after a near fatal decision to climb into a millionaire's Chevrolet Blazer.

Funny and poignant, Road to Rouen asks important questions about life, marriage and whether it's ever acceptable to tape baguette to your children's legs to smuggle lunch into Disneyland Paris.
  • Published: Oct 24 2013
  • Pages: 336
  • 198 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780755364565
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Press Reviews

  • John Cleese

    Ben Hatch makes me laugh more and more
  • Terry Wogan

  • David Jason

    Ben Hatch is a very funny writer. His work is fresh and heartfelt
  • Danny Wallace
    A French odyssey to rival the greatest adventures in history - if you like jokes, and a car full of cheese. Funny and touching
  • Sunday Express
    Highly recommended to anyone holidaying in France this year. Or to anyone holidaying anywhere. Or to anyone holidaying with kids. Or to anyone with kids but no holiday plans. Basically to anyone with a sense of humour
  • Lisa Jewell
    I am going to shout this very loudly. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. The funniest travel memoir you will read this year. Ben Hatch is a genius. The funny bits were so funny. The sad bits were so sad
  • Metro
    Parents will either roar with laughter or roll their eyes with recognition at this family road-trip memoir
  • The Sun
    Goes from one hilarious situation to another. Very entertaining. The author is naturally funny
  • Sophie Kinsella
    Fantastically funny and touching. I laughed and winced and will never look at baguettes in the same way again
  • Jenny Colgan
    I loved Ben Hatch's funny, honest, touching memoir
  • Tim Brooke-Taylor
    A lovely, funny, scary adventure
  • Mike Gayle
    Haven't laughed as much in ages
  • Guardian
    A funny, poignant tale of life and surviving it
  • Daily Mail
    Although Hatch's writing strength is in absurd comedy, there's a heart-warming spirit underpinning the book, that of the sheer joy of tackling what life throws at you as a united team and spending time together as a family.