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Risking It All (Fran Varady 4)

A sparky mystery of murder and revelations
  • Author
    • Ann Granger
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When will Fran Varady learn to trust her instincts?

Young amateur sleuth Fran Varady is being hunted down by a suspicious private investigator in Risking it All, the fourth compelling mystery in Ann Granger's Fran Varady series. The perfect read for fans of LJ Ross and Joss Sheldon.

'A fascinating tale... Highly recommended' - Mystery Women Newsletter

When Fran Varady is approached by Private Investigator Clarence Duke, she mistrusts him on instinct. But she can't ignore what he has to tell her. Her mother, Eva, who walked out on Fran when she was only seven years old, has hired Clarence to find her daughter. And for good reason. Eva is dying.

Within days, Fran is reunited with the mother she hasn't seen for fifteen years, and is soon to lose again. But the biggest bombshell is still to come. Eva has another child - a daughter she gave up soon after her birth - and she wants Fran to find her.

Matters aren't helped by the fact that slippery Clarence Duke seems intent on discovering what she's up to. But it's when he's found dead in his car outside Fran's home that the trouble really begins ...

What readers are saying about Risking it All:

'The writing is lively and fun, and Fran is a very likeable character'

'The plot is a cracker - at heart a traditional detective story with a nice contemporary twist'

'A powerful addition to the series as the storyline has emotional depth and left me wondering what I would do'
  • Published: Mar 04 2002
  • Pages: 320
  • 178 x 117mm
  • ISBN: 9780747268017

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Press Reviews

  • The Times
    Praise for Ann Granger's previous crime novels: 'Characterisation, as ever with Granger, is sharp and astringent'
  • Ham and High
    'The plot is neat and ingenious, the characters rounded and touchingly credible, and the writing of this darkly humorous but humane and generous novel fluent, supple and a pleasure to read'
  • Yorkshire Post
    'The reader can expect a treat. Lively, different and fun'
  • Birmingham Post
    'Ann Granger's skill with character together with her sprightly writing make the most of the story....she is on to another winner'
  • Yorkshire Post
    'One of crime fiction's most engaging heroines'