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Red Carpet Workout

  • Authors
    • Jordan Paramor
    • Joe Fournier
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Do you want to shift the bulge and still indulge?

Do you want to lose weight, but still have a life?

Do you have a big event looming that you need to shape up for - fast?

All big stars train for their red carpet moments, now in just 6 weeks, you can train for yours. And still have fun.

THE RED CARPET WORKOUT, fronted by celebrity and sporting trainer, Joe Fournier, is not just a quick-fix diet, it's a way of life. The book brings together all the experience, tough love and motivational tips Joe uses to get A-listers into top shape - he will show you how to get fab results, quickly!

Losing weight doesn't have to be all about eating mung beans, and doing stomach crunches - we all know that in the real world no one carries a tupperware box full of carrot sticks. This book will be a no-nonsense, fun guide to shaping up and still treating yourself and includes: insider Secrets from A-listers; exercises that tackle specific body parts like 'A-List abs' 'Oscar arms' and 'Bafta bum' and a 'champagne shape-up' that allows you to drink and still shift pounds.

You can get the hot body you have always wanted - but just been too lazy to make happen.

  • Published: Dec 18 2008
  • Pages: 224
  • 198 x 129mm
  • ISBN: 9780755318681
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