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Pun Direction

  • Author
    • Stewart Francis
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'I was standing in the park today wondering, why does a Frisbee appear larger the closer it gets? And then it hit me.'
Stewart Francis is the king of the smart one-liner, the brilliantly crafted, often punning gag delivered in his trademark deadpan style.
In this, his first book, he presents 500 of his funniest, most perfectly formed gags plus hilarious cartoons and more.
  • Published: Oct 10 2013
  • Pages: 224
  • 204 x 139mm
  • ISBN: 9780755365784
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Press Reviews

  • Harry Hill
    At 6'4", Stewart Francis is one of the biggest comics to come out of Southern Ontario. Some of the best gags ever written in the Canadian language format
  • Ricky Gervais
    The only, and therefore probably the best comedian I've heard of from Southern Ontario
  • Milton Jones
    I can't help feeling that without the huge talent of Stewart Francis, Southern Ontario will become a bit of a backwater
  • Lee Mack
    Stewart Francis is without any shadow of a doubt, and let this go on record, one of Southern Ontario's comedians
  • Dara O Briain
    Profoundly moving. Truly, Stewart Francis is the authentic voice of the gay, Asian women of Southern Ontario