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Private Investigations (Bob Skinner series, Book 26)

A gritty Edinburgh mystery of crime and murder
  • Author
    • Quintin Jardine
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Private Investigations is Quintin Jardine's twenty-sixth Bob Skinner mystery that sees the Edinburgh sleuth plunged into a gruelling new case in which no score will go unsettled. A thrilling mystery for fans of Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson.

Former Chief Constable Bob Skinner has uncovered his fair share of shocking crime scenes over his thirty-year career. But none could prepare him for the sight he finds stowed in the back of a stolen car that collides with his on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

As his former colleagues investigate, Skinner takes on an unusual commission of his own.

The body count rises, motives appear, the hunt goes global, and potential conflicts surface. In his new guise, is Skinner is on the side of the angels...or working against them?
  • Published: Nov 03 2016
  • Pages: 464
  • 198 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781472205681
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Press Reviews

  • Glasgow Herald
    Praise for Quintin Jardine: 'If Ian Rankin is the Robert Carlyle of Scottish crime writers, then Jardine is surely its Sean Connery'
  • Radio Times
    If you're looking for a detective whose personal life is as active, contradictory and complicated as his job then follow the Edinburgh exploits of Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner in Quintin Jardine's Skinner series
  • Northern Echo
    Gritty cop drama that makes Taggart look tame
  • Stirling Observer
    More twists and turns than TV's Taggart at its best
  • Guardian
    Deplorably readable
  • Oxford Times
    Compelling stuff
  • Allan Massie

    Very engaging as well as ingenious, and the unraveling of the mystery is excellently done
  • Observer
    Well constructed, fast-paced, Jardine's narrative has many an ingenious twist and turn
  • New York Times
    Remarkably assured, raw-boned, a tour de force