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    • Eoin Colfer
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'I love the voice. I love the dark streets. I love the story.' Harlan Coben

Dan, an Irishman who's ended up in New Jersey, finds himself embroiled in a world of murder, kidnapping and corrupt cops.

Dan works as a bouncer in a seedy club, half in love with hostess Connie. When Connie is murdered on the premises, a vengeful Dan finds himself embroiled in an increasingly deadly sequence of events in which his doctor friend Zeb goes mysteriously missing, a cop-killing female cop becomes his only ally, and he makes an enemy of ruthless drug-dealer Mike Madden. Written with the warmth and wit that make the Artemis Fowl novels so irresistible, though with additional torture and violence, PLUGGED is a brilliant crime debut from a naturally gifted writer with a huge fanbase.
  • Published: Jan 19 2012
  • Pages: 336
  • 198 x 133mm
  • ISBN: 9780755380213

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Press Reviews

  • <I> Metro </I>
    'Artemis Fowl creator Eoin Colfer heads off into zanily comic adult noir territory with Plugged . . . McEvoy finds himself sucked into a maelstrom of outlandish criminal shenanigans, a knockabout farce with Elmore Leonard-style wisecracking at every turn'
  • Harlan Coben
    'I loved the voice. I loved the dark streets. I love the story'
  • Michael Morpurgo
    'Eoin Colfer . . . is hugely inventive and intelligent and an instinctive storyteller, who happens to write beautifully and elegantly as well'
  • <I> Sun </I>
    'Violent, surreal and eccentric, this offering couldn't be further from his Artemis Fowl series'
  • Ridley Pearson
    'A non-stop, fever-pitched crime thriller . . . Genius at work'
  • <I> Guardian </I>
    'Colfer is an engaging and inventive writer with a strong sense of the rhythm of a story . . . always entertaining page by page'
  • <I> Daily Mail </I>
    'This is Sopranos territory - where terrible deeds are mixed with the painful banalities of life in a way that brings laughter among the tears and gnaws at your heart. It's a fine debut'
  • Don Winslow
    'DON'T PICK UP THIS BOOK if you want to get anything else done for the next day or two. It's too sharp, too funny, and it won't let you go'
  • <I> The Times </I>
    'Colfer . . . has transplanted his style seamlessly into the adult genre'
  • <I> Washington Post </I>
    'This might lead you to think you're in Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen or even Damon Runyon country, but you're not. Although there are echoes of all three writers in Plugged, Colfer's novel is dominated, driven and fully animated by a refreshingly original voice'
  • <I> The Sunday Times </I> (Ireland)
    'A laugh-out-loud adventure that is as close as the genre gets to a hug'
  • <I> Irish Times </I>
    'Scabrously funny, furiously paced and distinctively idiosyncratic, PLUGGED . . . suggests Colfer's first adult crime novel will not be his last'
  • <I> Financial Times </I>
    'His rapid-fire surreal wit is packed with off kilter ideas . . . it's a highly entertaining ride'
  • <I> Sun </I>
    'This is the author's first adult tale and the humour and gritty setting make it a good 'un'
  • <I> Daily Telegraph </I>
    'Elmore Leonard-inspired world of semi-surreal pulp crime fiction'
  • <I> Publishers Weekly </I>
    'Pitch-perfect comic noir. Outrageous characters, uproariously funny plot twists, and brutal, nonstop action make this a sure-fire winner'
  • <I> New York Journal of Books </I>
    'Funny, acerbic, crazed, riveting, sardonic...everything you want in a summer read'