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Playing With Fire

  • Author
    • Nigel Havers
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Urbane. Brilliant. Brave. Funny. Famous. Handsome. Nigel Havers is the real-life charmer you might expect.
In a career that has taken him from a schoolboy production of A Midsummer Night's Dream to the red carpet on Oscar Night with Chariots of Fire, via starring roles in the West End stage, classic television series like Don't Wait Up and a cameo in Little Britain, the Hollywood blockbusters that made him a household name are only the beginning.

With characteristic modesty and a captivating eye for the absurd, he treats us to the highlights and lowlights of a life like no other; a life in which chilling reality (watching his father Michael - later the Attorney General - begin his prosecution of the Yorkshire Ripper) and beguiling fantasy (sleeping with 'Elizabeth Taylor') continuously and arrestingly collide.
  • Published: Jul 26 2007
  • Pages: 320
  • 197 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780755314614
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Press Reviews

  • <i>Sunday Times</i>
    'This is a devil-may-care, extremely endearing book with not a luvvie line in it. "Absolute bollocks. Total fun."'
  • <i>Daily Mail</i>
    'Havers could charm the knickers off a nun. Wonderfully aristocratic-looking, a great raconteur... he comes across as the sort of man you would kill to have dinner with'
  • <i>Scotsman magazine</i>
    'PLAYING WITH FIRE is a highly amusing read, self-deprecating, surprisingly well-written and it zips along at a rate of knots'